We realize that buying a mobility van is a major purchase that has to stand the test of time and deliver unfailing service. We also realize that riding in this Van is precious cargo (family and friends) whose safety when traveling is our top priority. We ask that you check out the other mobility vans on the market and then look at ours.  You will see that AMT’s superior quality and hand built workmanship stands out and sets a new industry standard for Quality, Safety and Durability.

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Kenny’s Auto Sales opened for business in 1996. We have always been located in Huntingdon Vallley, Pa. We specialize in Handicap Mobility Wheelchair Vans and have been an authorized dealer / distributor for Advance Mobility Technologies “AMT” for over 10 Years. We are a small operation with low overhead which allows us to offer the lowest prices on these quality AMT Vans.

All AMT Vans are built to be  ADA compliant and our Dodge and Chrysler products are fully Crash Tested and exceed the FMVSS Standards.

Give Kenny a call at 215-938-9333 for more information on our inventory.  We have experience shipping these Vans World Wide!

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Kenny’s Auto Sales
820 Welsh Road
Huntington Valley, PA
(215) 938-9333

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